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Orbit PvP
Server Store

Welcome to the OrbitPvP Store! Here you will be able to purchase ranks and extra goods from the OrbitPvP Network.


Our goal as a server is to provide the best possible experience. All of the purchases from this store will head towards the OrbitPvP Network and is a huge impact to making the server a better place. The purchase will be used to keep the server up, invest in new ideas, and overall server improvement. This is all done by our developers that are paid. Any donations towards the OrbitPvP Network is strongly appreciated.


Please check that your username is entered correctly when you buy any ranks or extra goods.

Purchases will normally take 5 - 15 minutes to go through.

If you are purchasing items, please make sure your inventory has enough space for the items bought

Being online at the time of purchase is advised

All purchases are processed, received, & handled by Tebex.

 Payment Methods

Currently we support over 60 payment methods except PaySafeCard. Payment method ranges from PayPal to Credit and Debit Cards. A full list of payment methods can be found here.

 What do I do if I haven’t receive a package?

Any purchases usually take up to 15 minutes to go through. If a few hours has passed without you receiving what you have purchased, feel free to create a store issue ticket on our Discord. Make sure that the issue ticket you have made explains what has happened and contains proof of the payment so a member of management can help you there.

 Terms & Conditions

By buying any package through our store you agree to the Terms And Conditions that come with doing so. Failing to agree to the Terms And Conditions will prevent you from buying from our stores. Any purchases of ranks or extra goods are final and you will not be refunded if you are: quitting, banned, etc. 

Chargebacks and disputes will lead to a permanent network blacklist on OrbitPvP and will void any ranks/extras bought. If you do not comply with the Terms And Conditions, we have the right to remove any paid for service and or ban you. All ranks bought should last as long as the life of the server.

The Terms And Conditions may change at any time, with or without notification or approval of the customer.


OrbitPvP is NOT affiliated with Minecraft and Mojang AB. Please do not contact Mojang about any purchases as they cannot help you in any way.


15- 20 minutes, if it has been longer make a ticket in the discord.

We do not see any of your payment data EVER.

No! These packages are simply for those who want to support .